Bleecker Street recently dropped the first trailer for its upcoming drama thriller The Secrets We Keep, which is currently slated for a September 16 theatrical release and will become available on VOD the following month. The film will star Swedish actor Noomi Rapace, whose performance in the trailer alone is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Rapace plays Maja, a woman trying to rebuild her suburban life in post-WWII America with her husband Lewis (Chris Messina). But when Maja believes she recognizes a nearby neighbor (Joel Kinnaman) as a German soldier who committed heinous crimes against her during the war, she subdues and kidnaps him. The trailer teases some action sequences, including when Maja interrogates her captive, who denies being the person she claims he is. Keep reading for a peek into the cast and their experience with related films and series, which has us eagerly anticipating their performances in The Secrets We Keep.


Noomi Rapace

Rapace got her start in Swedish TV series and films, most notably as Lisbeth Salander in Niels Arden Oplev’s 2009 onscreen adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. “There’s an unpredictable, dark, dangerous energy that flows from her,” said Oplev about Rapace’s performance as Lisbeth. And while she may have lost the black eyeliner and piercings for her role in The Secrets We Keep, its trailer displays a similar volatile quality that the actor brings to Maja. Rapace’s performance as Salander also showcased her talent for action sequences, which seems to have come in handy for the upcoming role, based on the impressive hammer-wielding skills she demonstrates in the trailer. And the actor is no stranger to the thriller film genre — she starred opposite Rachel McAdams in Passion and with Luke Evans in Angel of Mine, to name a few. Rapace is also familiar with period dramas, as evidenced by her portrayal of Raisa Demidov in Lionsgate’s Child 44. With her long history of playing strong female characters onscreen, we’re looking forward to seeing Rapace’s upcoming performance in The Secrets We Keep.


Joel Kinnaman 

Kinnaman is a fellow Swede, as well as a former classmate of Rapace. “Normally, the talented people are not cool in high school,” Rapace said in a Rolling Stone interview. “But Joel was cool and talented.” The two also share a credit with Child 44, and Kinnaman starred in a film adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, as well, albeit David Fincher’s 2011 version. A sampling of his other action-packed film credits includes RoboCop, Suicide Squad, and The Informer. His TV drama credits also run deep, with titles to his name such as Altered Carbon, House of Cards, The Killing, and Hanna. With his varied acting resume, Kinnaman has proven a chameleon-like ability to play characters we’re rooting for, like Alex Murphy in RoboCop, as well as ones that are hard to like, such as Will Conway in House of Cards. This versatility will lend itself to his upcoming role as a character who is either a captive stuck in a case of mistaken identity or a predator caught by his former victim. 


Chris Messina

Fans of Mindy Kaling’s comedy series The Mindy Project may best know Messina as the lovable Danny Castellano, a doctor with some serious dance moves. But the actor also has a number of dramatic roles to his name, as well as ones within the thriller genre. Take his performance as Malinov in Argo, for example, opposite its star and director Ben Affleck. Or his role in another of Affleck’s films, Live by Night, which proves Messina is familiar with action sequences. He also has experience working on mystery drama series, such as USA’s The Sinner and HBO’s Sharp Objects. These credits speak to Messina’s ability with his The Secrets We Keep character, a husband trying to solve the mystery of if his wife is right about the captive in their basement.


The heart-racing trailer for The Secrets We Keep ends with Maja trading out her trusty hammer for a handgun, leaving you wondering if her captive makes it out alive. Of course, there’s also the question of if he’s guilty of the crimes for which she accused him. “Victims of trauma sometimes remember the smallest details perfectly,” one character asserts during the thriller’s preview. “Other times, they become confused.” You’ll have to wait until the film releases on September 16 to find out more, at which time you can see how Rapace, Kinnaman, and Messina use their respective experience to deliver on some high-stakes roles. 

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