A number of big-budget films have recently bypassed their theatrical debuts in favor of digital releases, and Deadline recently reported that Tom Hanks’ naval drama Greyhound will be one of the latest additions to that list. Apple TV+ landed the Sony feature that Hanks adapted from C.S. Forester’s novel The Good Shepherd with himself in mind for the lead role of a first-time captain named Ernest Krause. The story is set during the early days of World War II and centers on Krause as he’s given command of a Royal Navy destroyer, the HMS Greyhound, and tasked with leading 37 Allied ships across the North Atlantic. Enemy Nazi U-boats pursue the convoy, and Krause has to confront his own self-doubts in order to lead his men through such treacherous waters. A digital release date for the highly-anticipated feature is yet to be announced, but we’re helping you prepare for it with a peek at the cast below.


We’ll start with Hanks since he’s the star of the film, and it’s not his first time leading a crew on the big screen. In 2013, he portrayed the titular character in Captain Phillips, another maritime film based on true events. Hanks also displayed his proficiency with leader characters during Steven Spielberg’s 1998 WWII drama Saving Private Ryan. His memorable performance in the film as Captain Miller even earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Considering his experience with similar roles, we’re excited to see how the veteran actor’s abilities culminate in his take on Ernest Krause. Plus, the role comes with added familiarity for Hanks since it was adapted from its source material by and for him. Altogether, the performance is definitely one to anticipate.


Elizabeth Shue.

Elisabeth Shue may not have the same resume of maritime or WWII credits under her name, but she has proven her ability to portray complex characters. From her role as Dr. Emma Russell in The Saint to her performance as Sera in Leaving Las Vegas, Shue has demonstrated that she’s an onscreen force to be reckoned with. We’re looking forward to seeing how she tackles her role in Greyhound as Evie, wife to Hanks’ Ernest. The actor already stands out in a male-dominated

Stephen Graham. Photo by Greg Williams.

cast list that also includes names like Stephen Graham. With recent titles such as The Irishman and Rocketman under his name, Graham is no stranger to films based on true events, and his performance in Greyhound is one to watch for. Rob Morgan is another cast member who’ll be bringing some previous experience to his role in the upcoming period drama. You may know the actor from his role as Turk Barrett in a number of superhero series, but he also has feature period pieces like Just Mercy and Mudbound on his résumé. 

Rob Morgan.


You’ll have to wait until Apple TV+ releases the big-budget production

to see how the likes of Hanks, Shue, Graham, and Morgan perform in Greyhound. They’re just some of the names on a star-studded cast list that also includes Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Karl Glusman and Lee Norris. While the effects of the pandemic may be changing how we view new releases, the ability to still see them is a reason for gratitude. And when Greyhound comes to your own home theater, you might find it to be a source of inspiration for times like these. While our current situation is far from a war-related crisis, a story about a person who pushed past fear to face head-on the obstacles in front of him may be just the film we need.


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