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Rate: $150-$250 | Female/Male, All Ethnicities | Music Video

ROLES  Principal & Background   GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Female & Male / 25-50 / All Ethnicities

DESCRIPTION   Music Video with the exciting DJ and Producer Illenium. Entire concept takes place in a dystopian future aboard a military aircraft as the world falls apart below.

Local Accident Reports

Rate:  $500 | Female, All Ethnicities | Internet

ROLES  Lead  GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Female  / 18-60 / All Ethnicities

DESCRIPTION  A “reporter” stands at the scene of a freeway overpass and pitches the features and services of a new website that tracks vehicle accidents nationwide.

The Yellow Wallpaper

Rate:  $150 per day (9 days) | Female/Male, Caucasian | Feature Film

ROLES  Principal  GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Female & Male  / 25-45 / Caucasian

DESCRIPTION   Historical Thriller. Jane, a young writer suffering from postpartum depression is prescribed a rest treatment by her physician husband, John, who takes her to a remote country estate for the summer. Jane is enchanted by the old house. She becomes intrigued by the peculiar yellow wallpaper that covers the walls in the room that her husband has chosen for her. Over time, Jane’s treatment proves unhelpful and instead of curing her, the bedrest and isolation and the yellow wallpaper—combined with her marriage and baby—drive her deeper into psychosis.


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