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Hair Model Needed

Rate: $500 | Female, Caucasian | Print

ROLES  Principal   GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Female / 20-28 / Caucasian

DESCRIPTION  Looking for female early-late 20s; tall with straight black hair, “Kendall Jenner” type. Oct 29th for hair product shoot/test. 4-5 hours.

Walt Life

Rate:  $500 | Female, All Ethnicities  | Commercial

ROLES  Principal  GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Female / 35-65 / All Ethnicities

DESCRIPTION  FAIRY GODMOTHER, 40s-60s is a lovable, magical woman who is the spokesperson for a Disney subscription box called Walt Life. In costume, hair, and makeup, she will deliver her monologue direct to the camera. Script directly addresses the selling points of the product by framing the narrative around “making your own wishes come true.” Throughout the video, she will speak more to the brand as a whole, offering scenarios and situations as to why you should purchase this product.

Whipped Cream ft Lil Xan

Rate:  $100-$250 | Female & Male, Any Ethnicity | Music Video

ROLES  Principal & Featured  GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Female & Male / 18-60 / Any Ethnicity

DESCRIPTION   DJ Whipped Cream and Lil Xan are time travelers seen as greasers in jail in the 1950’s. Their future selves bust in from the future to rescue them from jail and all perform a grand performance together.


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