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Rate: $500 | Male, Caucasian, Latinx, Ethnically Ambiguous, Pacific Islander | Short Film

ROLES  Principal   GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Male / 8-13 / Caucasian, Latinx, Ethnically Ambiguous, Pacific Islander

DESCRIPTION   An orphan boy goes on an unlikely quest to find his biological mother. This is an amazing, heartfelt short film in the vein of a Disney story.


Untitled Spanish Law Commercial

Rate: $500 | Female & Male, Caucasian, Latinx, Ethnically Ambiguous  | Commercial

ROLES  Principal  GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Female & Male / 30-55 / Caucasian, Latinx, Ethnically Ambiguous

DESCRIPTION  Commercial reporting on the benefits of hiring our law firm. Must be Spanish-speaking.


Prodigy: Boling

Rate: $500 | Male, Caucasian | Short Film

ROLES  Principal  GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Male / 8-10 / Caucasian

DESCRIPTION   Flashback/memory scene where two young brothers race each other in their backyard.



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