Casting in LA This Week!

Casting in LA This Week!

Every day great roles are added to Casting Billboard®. Below are highlighted projects from this week!


Grand Canyon University – “Portraits”

Rate:$1,000 (+$500 travel stipend) | Female & Male, All Ethnicities | Commercial

ROLES  Principal   GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Female & Male / 20-49 / All Ethnicities

DESCRIPTION  Casting multiple roles for a promotional web-video for Grand Canyon University (one of the largest Christian educational institutions in the world), and we’ll be shooting this in the Phoenix area in late January.


Certified Fitness Trainer – Fitness Videos

Rate:$500 for 8 hour day | Female & Male, All Ethnicities  | Promo

ROLES  Principal  GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Female & Male / 25-35 / All Ethnicities

DESCRIPTION  This position is for a certified fitness trainer who will work with us on developing/performing 10-30 minute workout videos.


Kids Pop Music Video

Rate: $500 for 12 hour day | Female, All Ethnicities | Music Video

ROLES  Principal  GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Female / 30-40 / All Ethnicities

DESCRIPTION   We are shooting a fun teen style music video that takes place in a Library. Kids are studying but when the Librarian takes a break, the library turns into a dance party. A fun, innocent, music video for the tween market.


Duluth Trading Company

Rate: $300-$500 | Male, All Ethnicities | Commercial

ROLES  Principal & Featured  GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Male / 25-45 / All Ethnicities

DESCRIPTION   A group of underwear scientists slo-mo walk to their lab. Additional scenes will be filmed with the scientists performing experiments on test subjects wearing underwear.



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ACTING UP – Episode #15: Mark Duplass of ‘The Morning Show’

ACTING UP – Episode #15: Mark Duplass of ‘The Morning Show’

Welcome to the fifteenth installment of ACTING UP, a Casting Networks column designed to call attention to standout performances in TV, streaming and film. Other than spotlighting exceptional work from recent projects, this feature shines a light on how certain actors got to where they are now. Have a peek and then check out these noteworthy performances to help hone your craft.

For the class of ’15: Mark Duplass portrays Chip Black, the perpetually stressed-out producer of The Morning Show, Apple’s flagship show for their new(ish) streaming service Apple TV+.


Mark Duplass

Mark Duplass

The Morning Show

In the first scene of The Morning Show, Chip Black (Duplass) gets awoken from his meditative slumber by the head of his NBC-like network to news he must fire the male co-anchor of his top-rated morning show, Mitch Kessler (Steve Carrell), over sexual misconduct allegations.

From this moment on, it becomes clear that Black will be dealing with the fallout from this (and many other unforeseen developments) in a show that’s clearly ripped from the headlines of American culture today.

Thrust into a world of the unknown, Black’s fate gets darker with each day during the season’s 10-episode run as revelations of sexual harassment and the culture of silence come to light. Throughout it all, Black tries to keep his team focused — especially when it comes to lead anchor Alex Levy (adeptly played by Jennifer Aniston in a brave departure). As he presides over a staff of many, Black, as adroitly played by Duplass, is a devoted leader struggling to right the ship amid storms of chaos and confusion, all the while evaluating his own future, his opportunistic ways, and his desire to do right.

As Black’s stress level elevates (as represented by his increasingly baggy eyes and five o’clock shadow), Duplass’ layered performance really begins to shine as he tries to keep it all together: his team, his career, his sanity. His acting talents are particularly on display when it comes to doing the political tap dance that is keeping the peace between Aniston’s Levy and Kessler’s replacement, the newly plucked-out-of-obscurity anchor Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon), as she begins her unlikely stint as co-host.

But it’s when Black’s survival instinct kicks in midway through the first season — when he starts to do what he sees as necessary to save his job. That’s when his desperation gets more palpable, his chutzpah more prominent, and his character more of a centerpiece in the best kind of way as he struggles to maintain loyalties — and then ultimately, to save his job.

And he does all this while coming off as the likable kind of boss you’d want to work for because he’ll go to bat for you against sinister outside forces.

In a scene that might just get him a nomination of some kind come fall 2020, Black sits on the other end of the phone with a cagey Levy, a collapsed mess when he realizes that the co-host that he has advocated for, protected, and stood by over the years is campaigning to have him replaced. It’s a scene that is both heartbreaking and masterfully played as Black reads between the lines in their tense and rather telling conversation. 

By the end of the season, Black’s been reduced a guy beaten down by several forces — including an emotionally charged scuffle in a high-rise lobby — making you feel empathy in the way only the best actors do.


If it seems like Mark Duplass, the actor, is having a moment of sorts… he is. Other than his starring role in The Morning Show, the New Orleans-born father of two also just made the most of his supporting role as Megyn Kelly’s husband (Douglas Brunt) in Jay Roach’s Bombshell, another project dealing with sexual harassment at a major news organization (Fox News). Most notably, his character was the sole voice of dissent in the room after what he perceived to be a softball interview with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump after the candidate went after his wife for her questions in the Republican primary debate back in 2016. All based on a true story.

What you probably don’t know is that the multi-talented Duplass is a doer in the most Hollywood sort of way, having written, directed and produced several films with his brother, filmmaker Jay Duplass, including Baghead (2008) and The Do-Deca-Pentathalon (2012) amongst others. When the Duplass boys aren’t doing it all by Hollywood standards, Mark Duplass just does acting — and well – having starred in shows like FX’s The League (2009-2015) and in festival darlings such as Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) and the refreshingly dark The One I Love (2014) with Elizabeth Moss. The Twilight Zone-y premise of the latter is a familiar precursor to another dark comedy involving doppelgangers, Living With Yourself (on Netflix).

Not incredibly impressed yet? The 43-year-old Duplass has also co-created shows such as Room 104 and the smart yet short-lived Togetherness, both on HBO. Note: Duplass also executive-produced one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen, Wild Wild Country (on Netflix), about the Rajneeshpuram cult that overtook an Oregon community back in the early 1980s.



Gregg Rosenzweig has been a writer, creative director and managing editor for various entertainment clients, ad agencies and digital media companies over the past 20 years. He is also a partner in the talent management/production company, The Rosenzweig Group.


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First Impressions in the Casting Room Can Make or Break Your Audition

First Impressions in the Casting Room Can Make or Break Your Audition

The first moments you walk into a casting room can make or break your audition. The best way to enter the audition room is to set a positive tone.

If you walk into the room creating a negative impression, valuable time has already been wasted. It is very likely that with time, you can turn around the tone of the room, but there will always be some degree of doubt lingering that can come back and bite you during the selection process.

During final selections, there are a myriad of reasons out of your control that can tip the scales toward or against you. You want to show up in a clear, focused, relaxed, creative state unencumbered by negative forces. The following are eight things you do have control of, which can eliminate the doubt that can knock you out of being booked.


Confirm your audition time quickly.

Your impression actually starts before you arrive at the audition. There is a lot of pressure for casting directors to select the right people to audition. Casting directors have no extra time allotted to them for do-overs. They receive a production schedule that they must adhere to.

When I put out auditions, there are many times we have to call, email and text a talent or agent for confirmation. Empty time slots are a waste of time and money for us. We get answers from actors such as “oh I thought I did that,” or “oh I’m coming, I didn’t confirm yet.” If you are one of those actors who we had to coax a confirmation out of, we’ll remember that at the audition. I can only imagine that if you can relate to this mention, you are not aware of the importance of a casting director having a tight-flowing audition. 


Be on time.

If you are late, time is being wasted. When you arrive late, you have created a state of irritation and tension. Your time affects how the rest of the casting day flows. Now, I know many of you reading this will be thinking, “what about all the times I have to wait?” Don’t become reactive to variable unpleasant auditioning experiences. I suggest you decide your own benchmark of professionalism and stay true to it. 


Walk in the room without negative baggage.

You should walk in the room with no outside worries and life complications accompanying you. It’s best to be there connected, present and mindful, and open to your own creativity and direction from others.


Have a good attitude.

You should give the feeling that you are happy, appreciative, smart, enthusiastic and a team player. If it is a theatrical audition, in the opening conversation, refer to something about the character or script that you like. Show that you are interested and connected.


Be flexible.

Don’t become irritated with any changes, such as script, time or partner reads.  Remember the old cliche, “don’t take it personally;” no one is doing anything against you. If you find that changes bother you, I would suggest that you can turn this around by reminding yourself that you are experiencing being a part of the creative process.


Be prepared.

For theatrical auditions, have your sides with you and be rehearsed. Every once in awhile, an actor comes in the audition room with their phone in hand to read their script off of. Funny thing is, in my experience, that talent never gives a good audition. The talent has not marked or rehearsed their script and has to pay attention to scrolling to keep up with their place. Auditioning from your script on your phone reflects an uninvolved, totally unprepared feel all around.

For both commercial and theatrical auditions, have your photo and résumé with you in case you are asked for them. There are times for variable reasons we will ask for a photo and résumé, especially at a callback. One common reason is that after the casting session, later that night, the director reviews each audition and will have your photo and résumé to refer to. Since budgets sometimes dictate that directors be present at first calls, with no callbacks, have your photo and résumé with you in case we ask. The worst response to us is, “oh, you can find it online”. That really means you are asking me to go to my computer, print out the photo and résumé and give them to my director. Have your professional package ready and with you.


Be creative.

Don’t walk into the audition room with self-doubt.  Bring your most creative interpretation to a commercial or theatrical audition.


Be trustworthy.

You should check the callback dates and shoot dates before you come to the audition. When we ask you about your availability, if you start giving us a whole bunch of dates and times that you are not available, we think, “why are you here?” Take control of what you can. Make it easy, not a problem for the production to hire you.


Terry Berland is an award-winning casting director for commercials, voiceover, film, television and theatre.  Her casting awards include Clio, The Houston International Film Festival, Art Director’s Club, Addy, and the International Film and TelevisionFestival. Her former Head Of Casting staff position for Madison Avenue giant BBDO/NY has contributed to her deep understanding and involvement in the advertising industry. She is known throughout the country for her talent development, and is the author of the how-to industry book,”Breaking Into Commercials.”
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‘Vegas High’ Talent Search Launched

‘Vegas High’ Talent Search Launched

Deanna Brigidi (Let It Snow, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay) has launched a nation-wide talent search for a series regular role on the upcoming HBO Max series Vegas High. Vegas High is a 90’s coming-of-age story about a girl caught between two worlds – the fast-paced lifestyle of Las Vegas and her strong Mormon faith and community.

Casting is seeking one Latinx 18-year old or older female actor (to play 14-15 years old, half Latinx and half Caucasian) for the series regular role Laura Hernandez. Hernandez is a sweet, poetic soul with a unique comedic voice. A devout Mormon living in Las Vegas with her blended family while attending Vegas High, Laura desperately wants to act more adult than she is. She thinks of herself as a mix of Felicity, Angela Chase and the characters of Jane Austen’s novels – she’s a total romantic who processes the crazed Vegas culture through her poetic lens. Laura finds herself attracted and yet repelled by the world in which she lives. For most of her life, she’s strived for perfection, completely fulfilled by her strong morals and beliefs but as she ventures out into the sex-obsessed world of her teenage peers, Laura can either remain aloof or yield to the desires that are stirring within her. Searching for uniqueness. Prototype: Elsie Fisher in Eighth Grade…SERIES REGULAR.

Filming will take place in Los Angeles, California, and the deadline to submit is January 10, 2020, by 6 pm PST, but please check the open call site after this date to see if we are still open. For more information and to submit, click here.


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Casting in LA This Week!

Casting in LA This Week!

Every day great roles are added to Casting Billboard®. Below are highlighted projects from this week!


62nd Grammy Awards

Rate: AFTRA Scale | Female, All Ethnicities | Television

ROLES  Live Show   GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Female / 18-30 / All Ethnicities

DESCRIPTION  Grammy Trophy Model for this year’s show. You will be the person handling the trophy when the winner is read.


Vital Skin

Rate: $600 | Female & Male, Ethnically Ambiguous  | Print

ROLES  Principal  GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Female & Male / 6-45 / Ethnically Ambiguous

DESCRIPTION  We will be shooting talent to play doctors and patients in various print ads


Waiting for the Sissy Killer

Rate: $500 Flat | Male, African American | Feature Film

ROLES  Principal  GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Male / 18-28 / African American

DESCRIPTION  Based on the best-selling novel, “Waiting for the Sissy Killer” by Omowale Akintunde, the film explores the complex machinations of being Black, gay, and poor and the resulting fractured psyche of its central character, Jamaal



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ACTING UP – Episode #14: Stephanie Hsu & Stephen Graham

ACTING UP – Episode #14: Stephanie Hsu & Stephen Graham

Welcome to the fourteenth installment of ACTING UP, a Casting Networks column designed to call attention to standout performances in TV, streaming and film. Other than spotlighting exceptional work from recent projects, this feature shines a light on how certain actors/actresses got to where they are now. Have a peek and then check out these noteworthy performances to help hone your craft.

For fantastic 14:  Stephanie Hsu, who portrays Mei in season three of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (streaming on Amazon Prime as of December 3rd) and Stephen Graham from the Golden Globe-nominated film, The Irishman, streaming on Netflix since November 27th, after a limited theatrical run.


Stephanie Hsu. Photo courtesy of IMDb.com

THE PERFORMER: Stephanie Hsu

THE SERIES:  The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

When you’re watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, it’s easy to get lost amidst the period-piece sets, witty banter, and the multitude of award-winning performances from Rachel Brosnahan to Alex Borstein to Tony Shalhoub (among others). That’s the daunting hurdle actress Stephanie Hsu was faced with when she was cast as the enigmatic love interest of Joel Maisel (the Marvelous ex played by Michael Zegen) in season three of the Emmy-winning Amazon Original series.

From the moment Hsu’s Mei appears on screen — from out of the underground “gambling parlor” Joel’s upstart Chinatown bar is connected to — we meet a modern Asian-American woman who quickly proves herself uniquely non-stereotypical in her quest to raise the bar. As an antagonist (of sorts) to Joel at first, Mei skillfully shuttles between Mandarin and English, warning Joel and his partner to stay away from their illegal operation — even going so far as to bribe Joel in a funny scene using proxies. But it’s the way Mei consistently catches us off-guard with her choices that grabs your attention — and keeps it — with her quick wit proving her to be quite unlike anyone you’d expect to meet in 1960s New York.

During her 7-episode arc, Hsu proves deft at employing a deadpan delivery and smarter-than-you smirk, while seeming intrigued by Joel’s insistence on succeeding. One notable spark happens when Mei bumps into Joel at a local Chinese restaurant, joining him for dinner while immediately sending back the “digestive systems” and “feet” he unknowingly ordered. As the courtship begins, Mei starts sprinkling her magic touches into Joel’s bar endeavor. This eventually includes everything from gifting a jukebox to helping him secure a liquor license. 

As with most relationships, this one takes a little turn as Mei’s proactivity strikes a certain resemblance to Midge’s early brisket bribes and micromanaging ways from season one. As a bar owner and man coming to terms with yet another strong woman in his life, Joel fights for his independence as things come to an interesting head in the last episode when Midge and Mei come toe-to-toe at Joel’s bar opening in one of the best exchanges of season three. As the two women size each other up, Mei launches the first salvo, saying, “I’m gonna be a doctor.” That is, before Midge strikes back with “I’m gonna play the Apollo.”

Advantage: Midge.

The 29-year-old Hsu (pronounced Shoo) grew up in Los Angeles, starting her career in experimental theater, eventually landing a role in the Off-Broadway show Be More Chill, starring as teen theater enthusiast Christine Canigula. Soon after that, Hsu got to dive into her Broadway debut as the original evil sidekick Karen the Computer in SpongeBob SquarePants the Musical.

All the while, the talented Chinese/Taiwanese-American actress has had plenty of film and TV roles, recurring for three seasons as the flirty teenage niece in Hulu’s cult drama The Path. Incidentally, while working on MTV’s Girl Code, Hsu met and worked with another Asian-American star of note, Awkwafina. This has lead to another collaboration Hsu just shot, but can’t yet talk about, for Awkwafina’s new Comedy Central show Awkwafina is Nora From Queens, premiering January 22, 2020. 

Hsu graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in 2012, where in addition to working with new SNL cast member Bowen Yang at school, she also graduated alongside her eventual Maisel co-star Rachel Brosnahan, who’s been a friend ever since. Whether she’s a “Hsu-in” for Maisel (season four) is anybody’s guess. But at this point, here’s to hoping her chances are better than a hard Mei-be.


Stephen Graham. Photo courtesy of IMDb.com.

THE PERFORMER: Stephen Graham

THE FILM:  The Irishman

When you’re sharing screen time with two of the greatest actors of all time in Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in a Martin Scorsese film, you have to be on your A-game if you want to be remembered as anything but a missing person. To that end, I submit British actor Stephen Graham as someone who didn’t just hold his own, but stood out amongst the perennially nominated actors, while playing Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano, a rival labor union boss who butts heads (to put it mildly) with Pacino’s Jimmy Hoffa, the legendary teamster boss and star of one of the most famous unsolved murder cases in the history of the United States of America.

From the moment Graham graces the screen as Tony Pro, we see one of the first faces we don’t immediately recognize as a “star” in the more conventional Hollywood sense of the word. But, as it turns out, the volatile, unpredictable Italian character is one of the more memorable faces in this movie — not to mention, the one guy who probably most resembles a character from Scorsese’s other mobbed-up movies like Goodfellas and Casino.

In one of the most memorable scenes in the three-and-a-half-hour movie (minor spoiler here so turn away if you want every element of this film preserved), Pacino’s Hoffa arrives to a meeting with Tony Pro in Miami to ask for his endorsement. What ensues is a comical yet serious repartee that reminds one of the legendary “Funny how…” standoff from Goodfellas involving Joe Pesci. It’s an ego-fueled pissing contest where Hoffa and Tony Pro debate, among other things, meeting etiquette and what it really means to show up 15 minutes late wearing a Hawaiian shirt and shorts, versus Hoffa’s more customary suit and tie.

In another memorable scene, Tony Pro and Hoffa meet up in a prison cafeteria. Pacino’s Hoffa slowly laps up his ice cream dessert, while Graham’s Tony Pro inquires about why his union pension went away (when he did) — while Hoffa’s was preserved. This may be Graham’s best scene in the film, one that escalates from relatively cordial to a bit more rowdy. It also features a moment that Graham improvised, which apparently “frightened” Pacino. It comes when Tony Pro slaps Hoffa’s ice cream out of his hand — a move that neither Pacino nor Scorsese knew was coming, according to this article.

Although the 46-year-old Graham may seem like a new face to many, The Irishman is actually Graham’s third collaboration with Scorsese.

The first time he and the Oscar-winning director teamed up was in Gangs of New York (2002) where Graham played Shang, a gang member in DiCaprio’s crew. The next time was for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire (2010), where Graham played the infamous gangster, Al Capone, across the show’s five-season run.

Scorsese directed the pilot for the series.

Beyond those memorable roles, the actor from the small England town of Kirkby, Lancashire, is probably best known for his role as Andrew “Combo” Gascoigne in the British film, This is England (2006), where he played a white supremacist. 

Interestingly enough, Graham got an unexpected break when he showed up to support a friend at an audition for Guy Ritchie’s Snatch (2000), as the story goes. That’s where Ritchie saw Graham, reportedly liked his face and then offered him the not-too-small role in the film as Jason Statham’s sidekick, Tommy.




Gregg Rosenzweig has been a writer, creative director and managing editor for various entertainment clients, ad agencies and digital media companies over the past 20 years. He is also a partner in the talent management/production company, The Rosenzweig Group.

Production Hubs: Toronto

Production Hubs: Toronto

Toronto is known for many things — Drake, its art scene, and being “Canada’s Downtown,” to name a few. It’s also home to the Toronto International Film Festival, and for this installment of Productions Hubs, we’re going to focus on its status as a thriving local market. Films that have shot there include names like American Psycho, A Christmas Story, and Chicago. And the bustling city will be the production home to many upcoming projects as well, such as Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley and season two of FX Networks’ What We Do in the Shadows. Keep reading to learn more about these projects and the casting directors behind them, as well as other need-to-know casting names in Toronto. Our list of top Toronto casting directors starts with those who have a strong foot in the commercial casting world and leads into companies that specialize in casting TV and film. Enjoy!


Jigsaw Casting

Shasta Lutz started this company by herself and has grown it into a thriving business that now has five other staff members listed on the Jigsaw Casting website. There, you can find out more about the team, as well as projects it has helped cast. Jigsaw Casting is a strong presence in the commercial world and has worked with clients such as Walmart, Nature Valley, Cheerios, and Neutrogena. Actors interested in connecting further with the casting powerhouse can check out the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages, on which it regularly posts casting notices.


Powerhouse Casting

Tristan Abraham and Andrew Hayes are the casting directors to know at Powerhouse Casting. They have the impressive claim on their Vimeo page of working on 8,000 TV commercials. There, the company lists some of the clients with whom it has worked, which include names like Southwest, KFC, Macy’s and Kia. The company site provides contact information for both Abraham and Hayes, and casting notices are posted regularly on the company’s public Facebook group.


MiLO Casting

Stephen Milo is the name behind the casting company that “believe[s] in human storytelling that celebrates human moments and all the truth they encompass,” according to its site. The company does a lot of branded content casting and works with many big-name clients. It lists brands such as Nike, Google, Dove and Apple as just a few of the ones with which it has worked. On social media, the company is especially active on its Facebook page, where actors can find breakdowns of projects it is casting.


Mann Casting

Steven Mann has been a casting director in Toronto for 15 years and has been involved in casting more than 2,000 jobs. Mann has cast Gold Lion-winning commercials and a number of Super Bowl spots. Previous clients with whom the company has worked include brands such as Walmart, McDonald’s, PlayStation and Spotify. Mann Casting utilizes Facebook as a tool to discover new talent, and actors interested in connecting can request to join the company’s Facebook group.


The Brunch Store

Besides having a mouthwatering name, this casting company also has casting powerhouse Sergio Alvarado. He has multiple film and TV credits that can be found on IMDb. The Brunch Store has a strong presence in reality TV casting, and according to its site, has helped cast more than 40 series in that genre. The company is also a commercial force and claims names like Ancestry, Uber, Kellogg’s and Under Armour as brands with which it has worked. Actors hoping to submit for projects that The Brunch Store is currently casting should keep an eye on its Facebook page, where it posts casting notices. The company consistently posts on its Instagram page as well.


Knight Sky Casting

Molly Jane Knight and Carly Granovsky are the women behind the cleverly-named Knight Sky Casting. They share some theatrical credits between them, as well as a long list of clients with whom they’ve worked commercially. Corona, ESPN, Walmart, and Verizon are among the many brands that have called upon the services of Knight Sky Casting, according to its website. The company is active on both its Facebook and Instagram pages, where it often posts information about projects it’s currently casting.

Brian Levy Casting

Brian Levy owns this company, and his company site stresses that clients will work directly with him. The busy casting director is a name to know in the commercial world, with campaigns and spots he’s cast having won Gold Lion awards. He also has a strong background in theatrical casting and helped cast the CBS series War of the Worlds. Recently, he cast the period drama Brotherhood. Actors looking for further points of connection to Levy can check out his LinkedIn page.


RDC & Associates Casting

Robin D. Cook owns this casting company. Cook has cast some big-name features such as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Room and The Shape of Water. She’s listed as the casting director for Nightmare Alley, del Toro’s star-studded remake of the 1947 film. Cook has also worked in TV and has helped with Canadian casting for shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, Designated Survivor and The Umbrella Academy. Actors interested in learning more about the busy casting director can check out her public Instagram page. RDC & Associates Casting also has a Facebook page that includes more information on the company and its other casting team members.


Stephanie Gorin Casting

Stephanie Gorin is the person behind this casting company, and she has an extensive number of theatrical projects under her name. TV credits include titles like Taken, Black Mirror, and Fargo. She’s also a force in the film world and has recently helped cast It Chapter Two, The Art of Racing in the Rain and Shazam!. Gorin has an impressive amount of upcoming projects to which she’s attached. One example is the first season of FX Networks’ new drama series A Teacher, which will star Kate Mara. She’s also on the casting team for the yet-untitled horror flick from Lionsgate that IMDbPro describes as “a re-imagining of the horror film Saw.” Gorin’s LinkedIn page is a good place for actors to connect with and find out more about the Toronto casting director.


Buchan Knight Casting

John Buchan and Jason Knight are the casting directors who make up the company’s moniker. They share many film credits and recently worked together on Ready or Not, The Lie and Flatliners. Between the two of them, they’ve helped cast a number of series, including Titans and American Gods. It may come as no surprise that the busy casting duo has a plethora of projects in development to anticipate. One example is the upcoming remake of the 1996 horror film The Craft, with this iteration starring Michelle Monaghan and David Duchovny. Actors interested in learning more about the casting directors may have a hard time finding Buchan on public social media pages, but they can find facts about Knight’s educational background and mentoring work on his LinkedIn page.


Tina Gerussi Casting 

Tina Gerussi is the executive of her casting company, and she is a force in both TV and film casting. Gerussi has helped cast series like The Romanoffs and Suits. Her film credits include big names like Suicide Squad, Hairspray, and The Boondock Saints. Those interested in learning more information about Gerussi might not find any public accounts for her on social media, but they can glean some fun facts from her IMDb page. For example, the casting director is not the first in her family to work in the industry, and her brother has a number of directing credits under his belt. 


Lisa Parasyn Casting 

Lisa Parasyn is the name behind this company, and she’s a tour de force when it comes to casting TV series in particular. Her TV credits run long, with titles such as Schitt’s Creek, Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, Star Trek: Discovery, Good Witch and Reign. Parasyn also has an impressive number of features and TV movies under her belt, and her name is attached to multiple upcoming projects within that latter genre. Actors can find out more about the casting director on her LinkedIn page, which includes her award nominations and wins. Jon Comerford frequently casts alongside Parasyn, and those interested in finding connection points to him can check out his public Instagram page


Larissa Mair Casting & Associates

Larissa Mair is the person behind this casting company, and she has extensive theatrical credits to her name. A few examples include her casting work on both seasons of Hulu’s Holly Hobbie and her casting contributions to George Clooney’s Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. She has a strong presence in casting TV movies, with many upcoming projects in that genre currently in production. Another upcoming project that she’s cast is the upcoming movie from Disney+, Secret Society of Second-Born Royals, which is slated to release in 2020. More information about the busy casting director, as well as her associate, can be found on the Larissa Mair Casting & Associates site. Actors can find further connecting points to the company on its Facebook and Instagram pages.


Lewis Kay Casting 

Jenny Lewis and Sara Kay are the names behind this appropriately-monikered company. They have an abundance of film and TV credits between them that can be viewed on their casting resume, found on the Lewis Kay Casting site. The company is one that actors should keep in mind, as it has many upcoming projects it’s casting. Both Lewis and Kay are on the casting teams for upcoming seasons of the series The Boys and What We Do in the Shadows. They also helped with the Canadian casting for Stardust, a bio-drama about David Bowie that is slated for U.S. release next year. Those who want to connect with the dynamic casting duo can follow the Lewis Kay Casting page on Twitter. 


Ron Leach Casting 

Ron Leach is an award-winning casting director, and actors interested in learning about his vast number of theatrical credits can check out his company’s site. Leach has a particular niche with both holiday and TV movies  — he recently cast for Hallmark names such as Love You Like Christmas, Winter Castle and Christmas Festival of Ice. The casting director works behind the camera in other ways as well and holds directing, producing, writing and editing credits on IMDb. To find out more about Leach, actors can follow his Twitter and Instagram pages.  


Kim Hurdon Casting

Kim Hurdon is one of the top names to know when it comes to voice casting. She has a number of impressive credits under her name and has recently cast Blue’s Clues & You, The Magic School Bus Rides Again and D.N. Ace. Hurdon owns the casting company, but it includes many other team members. They can be found on the Kim Hurdon Casting site, which provides more information on the faces behind the company. Its Facebook page provides tips for voice actors, as well as opportunities for them to ask questions. The casting company also has an active presence on its Instagram page for actors interested in connecting on that platform.


Actors who are lucky enough to find themselves on set in the city frequently referred to as “Hollywood North” should take advantage of everything it has to offer. The provincial capital of Ontario is known for its food and art scenes, as well as a number of attractions you can only find in “Canada’s Downtown.” And if you time it right, you never know whom you’ll bump into while there. Should Nightmare Alley be filming, maybe you’ll spot del Toro himself. Or perhaps you’ll run into Drake on a visit to his hometown. Here’s hoping! 


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Aisha Coley Casting Launches Talent Search for HBO MAX Series ‘DMZ’

Aisha Coley Casting Launches Talent Search for HBO MAX Series ‘DMZ’

Aisha Coley Casting (When They See Us, A Wrinkle in Time) has launched a nation-wide talent search for two series regulars on the upcoming WB TV/HBO Max series “DMZ.” In the near future, America is embroiled in a bitter civil war leaving Manhattan a demilitarized zone (DMZ), destroyed and isolated from the rest of the world. Alma, a fierce medic, journeys through this harrowing land saving lives while desperately searching for her lost son. But as she contends with the gangs, militias, demagogues, and warlords that control this lawless no man’s land, she becomes the unlikely source of what everyone here has lost… Hope.


Casting is seeking one Latino male actor, 15-early 20s, to play Skel. Skel is a handsome man with soft eyes that betray his dangerous nature. Casting is also seeking one Latina female actor, to play 11-year-old Nico. Nico is a brash, brave little girl with the mouth of a sailor. She might be young, but she rarely gets intimidated and she doesn’t shy away from danger.


Shooting starts on January 27th, 2020 in Atlanta, GA. For more information and to submit, click here.

Casting in LA This Week!

Casting in LA This Week!

Every day great roles are added to Casting Billboard®. Below are highlighted projects from this week!



Rate: $500 | Male, Caucasian, Latinx, Ethnically Ambiguous, Pacific Islander | Short Film

ROLES  Principal   GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Male / 8-13 / Caucasian, Latinx, Ethnically Ambiguous, Pacific Islander

DESCRIPTION   An orphan boy goes on an unlikely quest to find his biological mother. This is an amazing, heartfelt short film in the vein of a Disney story.


Untitled Spanish Law Commercial

Rate: $500 | Female & Male, Caucasian, Latinx, Ethnically Ambiguous  | Commercial

ROLES  Principal  GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Female & Male / 30-55 / Caucasian, Latinx, Ethnically Ambiguous

DESCRIPTION  Commercial reporting on the benefits of hiring our law firm. Must be Spanish-speaking.


Prodigy: Boling

Rate: $500 | Male, Caucasian | Short Film

ROLES  Principal  GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Male / 8-10 / Caucasian

DESCRIPTION   Flashback/memory scene where two young brothers race each other in their backyard.



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Casting in LA This Week!

Casting in LA This Week!

Every day great roles are added to Casting Billboard®. Below are highlighted projects from this week!


Volkswagen Boostcamp

Rate: $475/10 hour day | Female & Male, All Ethnicities | Internet

ROLES  Principal   GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Female & Male / 25-50 / All Ethnicities

DESCRIPTION  Small team will drive around town in a VW vehicle while taking videos & stills. Brief for studio shoot still to be determined.


VR Mixed Reality Gameplay Video

Rate: $500 flat rate | Female & Male, Various Ethnicities  | Internet

ROLES  Principal  GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Female & Male / 18-40 / Various Ethnicities

DESCRIPTION  This project is for a series of gameplay videos of different virtual reality games. We will capture various actors playing through games and interacting with in-game elements shot in a green screen studio. The videos will be used online to showcase the specific gameplay for each VR game.


Luggage Lifestyle Shoot

Rate: $900/day | Female & Male, Caucasian | Print

ROLES  Principal  GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Female & Male / 22-45 / Caucasian

DESCRIPTION   Lifestyle shoot for luggage brand. Will be shown in-home setting packing their luggage and preparing to leave for the airport. 1/2 Day on Location – 1/2 in Studio.



Rate:$500/ flat; + $200 if there is a fitting TBD 12/2 | Female & Male, All Ethnicities | Promo

ROLES  Principal & Background  GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITIES  Female & Male / 18-40 / All Ethnicities

DESCRIPTION  This is intended to promote an App for online/ digital usage. We see a man at a bar, on a first date, it doesn’t go so well as his date is overwhelming, but he is polite and tolerant. Shoots INT.


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