October 2019 Events Calendar

October 2019 Events Calendar

There is always an opportunity to immerse yourself in your acting community. We’ve got your October weekends mapped out with classes, film festivals, movie screenings and more!



Developing Your Ear: CRITICAL LISTENING IN VOICEOVER  –  (New York, NY) As self-recording has and is becoming increasingly the norm in modern voiceover, VO actors must possess a keen ear as to what is effective and will ultimately get themselves booked. It is as necessary to listen to current voiceovers as it is to read. This class will play examples of good -and not so good- voiceover recordings from various areas of VO to develop critical listening skills. By breaking down how and why good voiceovers work, actors will be able to apply the same critiques to their own self-recordings. Lead by VO Lab booth director and experienced VO actor, Tatiana Grey, this class will offer a fun and safe space to hone your skills. All levels welcome!

Casting Access: CAROLYN VOLPE (UNDER 18 ONLY)  –  (New York, NY) This class will include a 25-30 min. Q&A at the beginning for parents and children. After the Q&A, we will kindly ask the parents to leave the room and Carolyn will work with the kids using improv games. This class will run for approximately 90 minutes. Please bring a headshot and resume with you. The child must be a paid-up and active SAG-AFTRA member.


Latino Media Fest  –  (Los Angeles, CA) Latino Media Fest is the unique presenter of the best U.S. based Latinx content across media platforms: narrative shorts, TV/Streaming pilots, digital web series, virtual reality, and documentary shorts.

Woodstock Film Festival  –  (Woodstock, NY) The Woodstock Film Festival is a non-profit, 501c3 with a mission to present an annual program and year-round schedule of film, music and art-related activities that promote artists, culture, inspired learning and diversity. The 20th Woodstock Film Festival returns October 2-6, 2019 with an extraordinary lineup of fiercely independent films, panels and special events in Woodstock, Rhinebeck, Kingston, Rosendale, and Saugerties.

Manhattan Short  –  (Manhattan, NY) Film lovers worldwide unite to view and judge the work of the next generation of filmmakers from around the world when the 22nd Annual MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival screens in over 400 cities worldwide September 26 to October 6, 2019.


Joker –  A gritty character study of Arthur Fleck, a man disregarded by society. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, and Zazie Beetz.

Lucy in the Sky –  Astronaut Lucy Cola returns to Earth after a transcendent experience during a mission to space and begins to lose touch with reality in a world that now seems too small. Starring Natalie Portman, Jon Hamm, and Zazie Beetz.

Memory: The Origins of Alien –  The untold origin story behind Ridley Scott’s Alien – rooted in Greek and Egyptian mythologies, underground comics, the art of Francis Bacon, and the dark visions of Dan O’Bannon and H.R. Giger. A contemplation on the symbiotic collaborative process of movie-making, the power of myth, and our collective unconscious. Starring Bijan Aalam, Tim Boxell, and Axelle Carolyn.

Pain and Glory –  A film director reflects on the choices he’s made in life as past and present come crashing down around him. Starring Antonio Banderas, Asier Etxeandia, and Leonardo Sbaraglia.

Wrinkles the Clown –  In Florida, parents can hire Wrinkles the Clown to scare their misbehaving children. Written by Michael Beach Nichols and Christopher K. Walker.

Dolemite Is My Name –  Eddie Murphy portrays real-life legend Rudy Ray Moore, a comedy and rap pioneer who proved naysayers wrong when his hilarious, obscene, kung-fu fighting alter ego, Dolemite, became a 1970s Blaxploitation phenomenon. Starring Eddie Murphy, Kodi Smit-McPhee, and Wesley Snipes.

Low Tide –  Alan, Red, and Smitty spend high summer on the Jersey Shore roving the boardwalk and getting into trouble. But the discovery of good old fashioned treasure sets the friends on an escalating course of suspicion and violence in this atmospheric thriller. Starring Jaeden Martell, Keean Johnson, and Shea Whigham.

Cuck –  When a frustrated loner gains popularity as an Alt-Right vlogger, the online echo chamber turns his fears into a deadly rage. Starring Zachary Ray Sherman, Sally Kirkland, and Timothy V. Murphy.




The VO LAB’s Commercial Workout  –  (Los Angeles, CA) We’ve had a lot of really good groups of people recently for this workout. Join us and your VO peers for a group workout, but leave your barbells and yoga mats at home, because this workout is all about helping you strengthen your VO chops. Practice reading your favorite commercial copy and get helpful adjustments from your VO Lab peers. Be ready to offer constructive feedback and support the learning process. VO Lab workout groups are a great way to fine-tune your craft and have some fun in the process. Yes…these are intended to be fun.

Computer Lab: COMPUTER BASICS 101  –  (Los Angeles, CA) This is a brand new offering designed for members who are beginners in using a computer. This is a hybrid class and workshop where members can ask any computer-related question. The instructor will then customize the class to answer those questions and present computer basics. This class is intended for computer novices. No materials are required.


Santa Cruz Film Festival  –  (Santa Cruz, CA)  SCFF IS AN EXPERIENCE… It’s about enhancing awesome films by showing them in unconventional places with unexpected surprises. It’s all happening in a city and county where odd, interesting, and unusual are the norm. Located in a diverse arts community we show films from high school and college students, new and burgeoning filmmakers, as well as established pros. We not only screen films, we make you experience them.

Baltimore International Black Film Festival  –  (Baltimore, MD)  Founded in 2014, the Baltimore International Black Film Festival is produced by the not-for-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt social /service organization: SOGAA, Inc. Our mission is to support unity in the community and foster education with the best in independent film-making while enhancing the diverse cultural landscape and economic vitality of Baltimore City. With its unique paring of films by African-American, the African Diaspora and members of the Same Gender Loving – Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (SGL-LGBT) communities, the Baltimore International Black Film Festival (BIBFF) serves a dual purpose of educating the community while providing a venue for independent films for, by and about African Americans, the African Diaspora, and members the SGL-LGBT community locally, nationally and globally.


Gemini Man  –  An over-the-hill hitman faces off against a younger clone of himself. Starring Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Clive Owen.

The Addams Family  –  An animated version of Charles Addams’ series of cartoons about a peculiar, ghoulish family. Starring Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, and Chloë Grace Moretz.

Jexi  –  A comedy about what can happen when you love your phone more than anything else in your life. Starring Rose Byrne, Justin Hartley, and Adam Devine.

The Sky Is Pink  –  It is based on the love story of a couple spanning 25 years, told through the lens of their spunky teenage daughter Aisha Chaudhary, who was diagnosed with Pulmonary fibrosis. Starring Zaira Wasim, Priyanka Chopra, and Farhan Akhtar.




Small Group Sessions: THE AUDITION –  (Los Angeles, CA) The audition is not only how one prepares the material. It is also about the mindset actors have about auditioning, how they conduct themselves in the room and how they let it go. This session will cover the many ways actors can prepare mentally, physically and psychologically for the audition. Please bring a pencil or pen along with something to take notes.


Marina del Rey Film Festival –  (Marina del Rey, CA) The Marina del Rey Film Festival was created in 2012 as an independent film festival on the westside of Los Angeles. Jon Gursha and Peter Greene worked the international markets for independent film distribution. During this time they created the Marina del Rey Film Festival to make a world-class independent film festival for independent filmmakers. The idea started on a flight back from the European Markets and festivals in 2011 the festival was born. The Marina del Rey Film Festival was founded by Jon Gursha and Peter Greene


Zombieland: Double Tap  –  Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock move to the American heartland as they face off against evolved zombies, fellow survivors, and the growing pains of the snarky makeshift family. Starring Zoey Deutch, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil  –  Maleficent and her goddaughter Aurora begin to question the complex family ties that bind them as they are pulled in different directions by impending nuptials, unexpected allies, and dark new forces at play. Starring Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, and Imelda Staunton.

The Lighthouse  –  The hypnotic and hallucinatory tale of two lighthouse keepers on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s. Starring Willem Dafoe, Robert Pattinson, and Valeriia Karaman.

Jojo Rabbit  –  A young boy in Hitler’s army finds out his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their home. Starring Roman Griffin Davis, Thomasin McKenzie, and Scarlett Johansson.




Small Group Sessions: THE BRANDING WORKSHOP –  (Los Angeles, CA) This twenty person workshop serves to aid the actor in understanding how people see them, the type of feeling people receive from them and how they might be cast. The workshop uses the categories of visual, essence, stereotypes and profession. This is a three-hour event and participants must stay for the entire workshop. Please note how you dress for this workshop will factor into your results. Actors are recommended to attend this workshop two to three times per year, each time in a different look. This workshop was inspired by the creation of Kevin E. West – Founder, The Actors’ Network.


DTLA Film Festival  –  (Los Angeles, CA) Established in 2008, the festival has screened more 1,000 films, held more than 200 events and partnered with more than 75 other profit and nonprofit businesses in DTLA. Our programming reflects downtown L.A.’s vibrant new urbanism, the unique ethnic and cultural diversity of its neighborhoods, its burgeoning independent film community, its singular blend of late 19th and 20th century architecture, and the seminal role it played in the early days of American cinema (epitomized by the world’s largest group of vintage movie palaces located in the Broadway Theater District). Set against this dramatic backdrop, DFFLA serves as a beacon for movie fans and industry professionals throughout Southern California and beyond


Countdown –  When a nurse downloads an app that claims to predict the moment a person will die, it tells her she only has three days to live. With the clock ticking and a figure haunting her, she must find a way to save her life before time runs out. Starring Charlie McDermott, Anne Winters, and Elizabeth Lail.

The Current War: Director’s Cut  –  The dramatic story of the cutthroat race between electricity titans Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse to determine whose electrical system would power the modern world. Starring Tuppence Middleton, Tom Holland, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Paradise Hills  –  A mysterious boarding school perfectly reforms wayward girls to fit their surroundings’ exact desires. Starring Eiza González, Emma Roberts, and Danielle Macdonald.

Housefull 4  –  Themed on reincarnation. Starring Akshay Kumar, Kriti Sanon, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

The Last Full Measure  –  Thirty-four years after his death, Airman William H. Pitsenbarger, Jr. (“Pits”) is awarded the nation’s highest military honor, for his actions on the battlefield. Starring Bradley Whitford, Samuel L. Jackson, and Sebastian Stan.

Black and Blue  –  ‘Black and Blue’ is an action thriller about a rookie cop (Naomie Harris) who inadvertently captures the murder of a young drug dealer on her body cam. After realizing that the murder was committed by corrupt cops, she teams up with the one person from her community who is willing to help her (Tyrese Gibson) as she tries to escape both the criminals out for revenge and the police who are desperate to destroy the incriminating footage. Starring Mike Colter, Frank Grillo, and Reid Scott.


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Casting Director Sibby Kirchgessner Weighs in on Emmy Nominees 

Casting Director Sibby Kirchgessner Weighs in on Emmy Nominees 

Casting directors have a unique perspective when it comes to Emmy nominations. Considering their area of expertise, casting professionals can offer informed takes on the nominees—in the acting categories, especially. And who better to comment on this year’s TV awards show than an Emmy nominee herself? Sibby Kirchgessner is known for casting many popular shows, such as Future Man, Baskets, and Grand Hotel

But Veep is the one that earned Kirchgessner and casting partner Dorian Frankel the Casting for a Comedy Series nom this year. The recognition is well-deserved based on the inclusion of Veep nominees in the acting categories for comedy series. As the limited series or movie categories are safe for the Veep casting director to weigh in on without conflict of interest, Kirchgessner spoke with Casting Networks to share her take on them.


Nominees for Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie:

Benicio Del Toro (Escape at Dannemora)

Hugh Grant (A Very English Scandal)

Jared Harris (Chernobyl)

Jharrel Jerome (When They See Us)

Mahershala Ali (True Detective)

Sam Rockwell (Fosse/Verdon)


Kirchgessner’s Pick:

Jharrel Jerome

“Jharrel’s performance brought tears to my eyes and broke my heart in a good way. He really made me feel everything Korey Wise went through and how he preserved.”


Nominees for Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie:

Amy Adams (Sharp Objects)

Aunjanue Ellis (When They See Us)

Joey King (The Act)

Michelle Williams (Fosse/Verdon)

Niecy Nash (When They See Us)

Patricia Arquette (Escape at Dannemora)


Kirchgessner’s Pick:

Patricia Arquette

“Her performance was subtle and nuanced. Playing a real-life person can be difficult. Patricia brought Tilly to life with her deep sadness and thirst for love and affection; that helped me to understand how a woman like that made the choices she made.”


Nominees for Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie: 

Asante Blackk (When They See Us)

Ben Whishaw (A Very English Scandal)

John Leguizamo (When They See Us)

Michael K. Williams (When They See Us)

Paul Dano (Escape at Dannemora)

Stellan Skarsgård (Chernobyl)


Kirchgessner’s Pick:

Ben Whishaw

“Ben tackled such a complicated and broken character with such skill. He was in one moment scared and timid, and [in] the next, confident and cocky. It was a rich and complex performance.”


Nominees for Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie: 

Emily Watson (Chernobyl)

Margaret Qualley (Fosse/Verdon)

Marsha Stephanie Blake (When They See Us)

Patricia Clarkson (Sharp Objects)

Patricia Arquette (The Act)

Vera Farmiga (When They See Us)


Kirchgessner’s Pick:

Marsha Stephanie Blake

“All of these ladies were magnificent, but Marsha Stephanie Blake stood out to me. I read somewhere [that] someone said When They See Us was the best and worst thing they had ever seen, and I felt that. Marsha’s performance conveyed fear, vulnerability, and strength.”


Two of Kirchgessner’s picks—Jharrel Jerome and Marsha Stephanie Blake—are first-time nominees. The same is true of their When They See Us co-stars Aunjanue Ellis and Asante Blackk. Another actor in a limited series who’s making her Emmy nom debut may come as a surprise: Michelle Williams. Check out the talent making the list for the first time this year, and tune in to Fox on September 22 to find out which ones end up taking home a statuette at the 71st Emmy Awards.


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Casting Director Julie Ashton Weighs in on Emmy Nominees

Casting Director Julie Ashton Weighs in on Emmy Nominees

As industry professionals continue to make their predictions on which nominees will be taking home statuettes at this year’s Emmy Awards, Casting Networks spoke with casting director Julie Ashton to get her take on this year’s nominations. Ashton is known for casting comedies, and she has some impressive TV credits under her belt that include Bob’s Burgers, 2 Broke Girls, and Disney Channel’s upcoming High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Starting in 1991, there are 136 total casting credits listed on IMDb under Ashton’s name, and those years of experience inform her top picks for the major supporting acting categories.


Nominations for Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series:

Alan Arkin (The Kominsky Method)

Anthony Carrigan (Barry)

Henry Winkler (Barry)

Stephen Root (Barry)

Tony Hale (Veep)

Tony Shalhoub (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)


Ashton’s Pick:

Stephen Root

“I think Stephen’s contributions to comedy have been overlooked for too long. With his character of Fuches, he manages to play very dark and complex scenes while also being subtle, believable and ultimately hilarious. And he somehow makes a deplorable character strangely loveable.”


Nominations for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series:

Alex Borstein (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)

Anna Chlumsky (Veep)

Betty Gilpin (GLOW)

Kate McKinnon (Saturday Night Live)

Marin Hinkle (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)

Olivia Colman (Fleabag)

Sarah Goldberg (Barry)

Sian Clifford (Fleabag)


Ashton’s Pick:

Kate McKinnon

“Kate’s fearlessness is what makes her so great. She is absolutely willing to do whatever it takes for a laugh and always gets one because of her total commitment to the comedy. And her versatility in her characters is unparalleled.”


Nominations for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series:

Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones)

Chris Sullivan (This Is Us)

Giancarlo Esposito (Better Call Saul)

Jonathan Banks (Better Call Saul)

Michael Kelly (House of Cards)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones)

Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones)


Ashton’s Pick:

Jonathan Banks

“Jonathan has always been a favorite of mine, and knowing him personally, it blows my mind that he has a way of making me forget he is not actually Mike Ehrmantraut. He’s that good.” 


Nominations for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series:

Fiona Shaw (Killing Eve)

Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones)

Julia Garner (Ozark)

Lena Headey (Game of Thrones)

Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones)

Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones)


Ashton’s Pick:

Lena Headey

“Lena is flawless in her performance of Cersei, and there is never a false moment. She showed us an impressive duality and made me want to root for her in the last episodes despite the unpopularity she had amassed throughout the series.”

This year’s nomination for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series is Headey’s fifth for that category and role, but she has yet to win it. It’s co-star Gwendoline Christie’s first nomination in the category for her portrayal of Brienne of Tarth, and she made the list after submitting herself.


Christie wasn’t the only Game of Thrones actor whom HBO failed to put up for consideration. Alfie Allen is another actor in a supporting acting category that beat the odds to become a nominee through a self-submission. But the idiosyncrasies of this year’s nominations are not limited to the popular HBO drama. Check out what’s already making this year’s show stand out and make your own top picks by reviewing the full list of nominations before it’s here.


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September 2019 Events Calendar

September 2019 Events Calendar

There is always an opportunity to immerse yourself in your acting community. We’ve got your September weekends mapped out with classes, film festivals, movie screenings and more!



Voiceover Lab: AUDIOBOOK WORKOUT  –  (New York, NY) Come by the VO Lab and spend a few hours working on your craft! Step behind the mic and practice voicing audiobooks. You will receive instant feedback from prolific audiobook pro & VO Lab engineer/booth director, Tatiana Grey, which you will be able to apply in your subsequent reads. Come out and work with your VO community members in this constructive, supportive, safe and fun workout. You will hear the difference in your takes.

Casting Access: MICHAEL VIEYRA  –  (Los Angeles, CA) This class will include a Q&A and a commercial cold reading session with an experienced casting professional. Michael Vieyra has booked over 50 national commercials and most notably the Got Milk campaign in 2007. He has been working as a Commercial Session Director since 2000, most recently with Ross Lacy Casting, who is undoubtedly the busiest commercial casting director in town. He has run hundreds of sessions and auditioned thousands of actors.


Telluride Film Festival  –  (Telluride, CO) We proudly announce artist Edwina White as our TFF 46 2019 poster artist. Telluride Film Festival’s prestigious annual gathering for film industry insiders, cinema enthusiasts, filmmakers and critics takes place every Labor Day weekend in the picturesque town of Telluride, Colorado. The 46th edition of TFF will run August 30-September 2, 2019.

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)  –  (Toronto, ON) Starting out in 1976 as a collection of films from other festivals — a “festival of festivals” — the Toronto International Film Festival has become one of the most beloved cinematic events in the world, universally regarded as an ideal platform for filmmakers to launch their careers and to premiere their new work. The Festival has been described as “the most important film festival in the world — the largest, the most influential, the most inclusive.”


K-12 –  A brave-hearted girl and her charming best friend make a bewitching pair as they embark on a mission to take down the oppressive schooling system of K-12. Starring Melanie Martinez, Emma Harvey, Zión Moreno.

It Chapter Two –  Twenty-seven years after their first encounter with the terrifying Pennywise, the Losers Club have grown up and moved away, until a devastating phone call brings them back. Starring Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader.

Night Hunter –  A weathered Lieutenant, his police force, and a local vigilante are all caught up in a dangerous scheme involving a recently arrested, troubled man who’s linked to years of female abductions and murders. Starring Alexandra Daddario, Henry Cavill, and Minka Kelly.

Strange But True –  A woman surprises the family of her deceased boyfriend by telling them she’s pregnant with his child. Starring Margaret Qualley, Mena Massoud, and Brian Cox.

Reality Queen! –  Reality Queen. follows an heiress’ quest to show the world she isn’t just another “it” girl and pretentious celebutante, chronicled by renowned BBC journalist Diana Smeltmarlin. Starring Julia Faye West, Denise Richards, and Mike Tyson.




Small Group Sessions: REPRESENTATION  –  (Los Angeles, CA) Building one’s team is an important component to an actor’s career. This small group session will cover what an actor has to keep in mind when looking to add a commercial agent, theatrical agent, and manager to their team. Small Group Sessions are facilitated discussions with the goal of digging deeper into some of the information and advice shared within the panels. These sessions provide a time to break down concepts into practical action items by which an actor can individually apply to their professional pursuits. This session will last for 1.5 – 2 hours. Participants must stay for the whole time.

Casting Access: CANDIDO CORNEJO –  (Los Angeles, CA) This class will include a Q&A and a cold reading session with an experienced casting professional. Candido Conejo has worked on over 20 films and 8 TV shows. He was an associate on THE FOSTERS, HATFIELDS & MCCOYS, and DELIRIUM.


SF IndieFest  –  (San Francisco, CA)  SF Indiefest is a year-round, non-profit organization that has been operating since 1998. We present four annual festivals: the SF Independent Film Festival (SF Indie for short), the SF Documentary Festival (DocFest for short), the SF Independent Short Film Festival (IndieShorts) and Another Hole in the Head, our genre film festival. In the past, we’ve presented the Northern California Action Sports Film Festival, the US edition of the touring International Short Film Festival, and numerous music festivals and one-off parties and events.


Hustlers  –  Inspired by the viral New York Magazine article, Hustlers follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients. Starring Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, and Julia Stiles.

The Goldfinch  –  A boy in New York is taken in by a wealthy Upper East Side family after his mother is killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Starring Nicole Kidman, Finn Wolfhard, and Sarah Paulson.

Freaks  –  A bold girl discovers a bizarre, threatening, and mysterious new world beyond her front door after she escapes her father’s protective and paranoid control. Starring Emile Hirsch, Bruce Dern, and Lexy Kolker.

Haunt  –  On Halloween, a group of friends encounter an “extreme” haunted house that promises to feed on their darkest fears. The night turns deadly as they come to the horrifying realization that some nightmares are real. Starring Katie Stevens, Will Brittain, and Lauryn Alisa McClain.




Casting Access Specialty: HARRIET GREENSPAN (Ages 9-17 only) –  (Los Angeles, CA) Actors will be added to the class from the waitlist on a first-come, first-serve basis after we verify that they are between ages 9 and 17. This class will include a prepared reading session with an experienced casting professional. Harriet would like to see you perform something you did recently for an audition but did not receive a callback on. Together you will work on what you could have done differently. Please bring two copies. Please also be aware to choose material appropriate for an under 18 audience.

IndieLink 2019: Composers –  (Los Angeles, CA) How can you find the perfect composer for your next project? Come to IndieLink to watch reels from – and meet – a variety of talented composers. If you are a producer or director; whether your project is a short, doc or narrative feature, this is a unique opportunity to get to know a diverse group of composers in just one night. All you have to do is reserve a spot to attend. Following the event, there will be a networking reception. This event happens only once a year, so register now!


Writer’s Salon: IRL –  (Los Angeles, CA) Film Independent’s Writers Salon is back, bringing together some of today’s top screenwriters to talk about a specific aspect of their craft in an intimate setting. This session’s topic will cover writing about real people and events, and dramatizing history for the screen. We have an exciting list of writers who will be participating, including Jane Anderson (The Wife), Julian Breece (When They See Us) and Allison Schroeder (Hidden Figures). The evening will begin with a tea and dessert reception at 7:00 pm for all attendees. The conversation will begin at 7:30 pm.


Rambo: Last Blood  –  Rambo must confront his past and unearth his ruthless combat skills to exact revenge in a final mission. Starring Sylvester Stallone, Paz Vega, and Yvette Monreal.

Ad Astra  –  Astronaut Roy McBride undertakes a mission across an unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth about his missing father and his doomed expedition that now, 30 years later, threatens the universe. Starring Brad Pitt, Liv Tyler, and Tommy Lee Jones.

Downton Abbey  –  The continuing story of the Crawley family, wealthy owners of a large estate in the English countryside in the early 20th century. Starring Joanne Froggatt, Matthew Goode, and Michelle Dockery.

Villains  –  After a pair of amateur criminals break into a suburban home, they stumble upon a dark secret that two sadistic homeowners will do anything to keep from getting out. Starring Bill Skarsgård, Maika Monroe, and Jeffrey Donovan.

Corporate Animals  – Lucy (Demi Moore) is the egotistical megalomaniac CEO of Incredible Edibles, America’s premier provider of edible cutlery. In her infinite wisdom, Lucy leads her staff including her long-suffering assistants, Freddie (Karan Soni) and Jess (Jessica Williams), on a corporate team-building caving weekend to New Mexico. When disaster strikes, not even their useless guide, Brandon (Ed Helms), can save them. Trapped underground by a cave-in, this mismatched and disgruntled group must pull together in order to survive. Starring Demi Moore, Ed Helms, and Jessica Williams.

Running with the Devil  –  The CEO of an International conglomerate sends two of his most regarded executives to investigate why shipments of cocaine are being hijacked and over cut somewhere on the supply chain. Starring Cole Hauser, Nicolas Cage, and Leslie Bibb.




Small Group Sessions: THE AUDITION –  (Los Angeles, CA) The audition is not only how one prepares the material. It is also about the mindset actors have about auditioning, how they conduct themselves in the room and how they let it go. This session will cover the many ways actors can prepare mentally, physically and psychologically for the audition. Small Group Sessions are facilitated discussions with the goal of digging deeper into some of the information and advice shared within the panels. These sessions provide a time to break down concepts into practical action items by which an actor can individually apply to their professional pursuits. This session will last for 1.5 – 2 hours. Participants must stay for the whole time.


57th New York Film Festival  –  (New York, NY) This major annual film event—a centerpiece of New York culture since 1963—will introduce the most essential new cinematic works from around the world to U.S. audiences in its Main Slate. NYFF will also continue to feature a variety of titles in different sections and sidebars, including Spotlight on Documentary, newly rejuvenated classics in Restorations and Revivals, a diverse selection of international and locally made Shorts, the ever-expanding experimental showcase Projections, and the immersive storytelling experiences of the cutting-edge Convergence. Additionally, there will be an exciting lineup of special events, free filmmaker talks and panel discussions, and the latest editions of our annual Artist and Critic Academies.

Connecticut Film Festival  –  (Bethel, CT) The Connecticut Film Festival returns to the scene of the crime September 26th. Back to where it all began in Bethel, CT when it was originally called The Bethel Film Festival in 2005. The one-day September festival will play host to a group of thought-provoking film events that are all FREE!


Zeroville –  A young actor arrives in Hollywood in 1969 during a transitional time in the Industry. Starring Danny McBride, Seth Rogen, and Joey King.

Judy  –  Legendary performer Judy Garland arrives in London in the winter of 1968 to perform a series of sold-out concerts. Starring Renée Zellweger, Jessie Buckley, and Rufus Sewell.

Abominable  –  A magical Yeti must return to his family. Starring Albert Tsai, Chloe Bennet, and Sarah Paulson.

The Day Shall Come  –  An impoverished preacher who brings hope to the Miami projects is offered cash to save his family from eviction. He has no idea his sponsor works for the FBI who plan to turn him into a criminal by fueling his madcap revolutionary dreams. Starring Anna Kendrick, Jim Gaffigan, and Kayvan Novak.


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July 2019 Events Calendar

July 2019 Events Calendar

There is always an opportunity to immerse yourself in your acting community. We’ve got your July weekends mapped out with classes, film festivals, movie screenings and more!

JULY 5-7


Casting Access: BRIAN HILL  –  (Los Angeles, CA) Brian Alan Hill first discovered acting in college while attending Rice University – his first play was a one-act version of The Monkey’s Paw. From there, he left Rice to pursue theatre in a more meaningful way; which is to say he waited tables and read every book on the craft that he could get his hands on. During his seven years in Chicago, Brian worked with several companies as a performer and technician. He is most proud of the company he founded in 2001, Visions & Voices Theatre Co. In three years, V&V produced six shows, 4 of which were Jeff Recommended by the Joseph Jefferson Awards Committee and two of the shows received awards from Best New Work. Brian has happily retired from acting so as to focus exclusively on casting where he’s offered his skill and talents to three network pilots, the Criminal Minds spin-off, “Beyond Borders,” “Complications,” and “Pretty Little Liars” for Freeform. Brian A. Hill is a CSA Casting Associate at Zane/Pillsbury Casting.


Street Food Cinema: Griffith Park  –  (Los Angeles, CA)  Put together outdoor screenings of popular movies, live music from up-and-coming local bands and some of the city’s most famous food trucks, and you’ve got the perfect L.A. summer experience. Street Food Cinema features a different lineup of eats and entertainment for a fabulous variety of fun under the stars. Grab some blankets, pillows, picnic items — even your dog — and come on out. Films are screened in high-def DLP projection, with cinema quality picture and sound.


Spider-Man: Far from Home –  Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever. Starring Zendaya, Tom Holland, and Marisa Tomei.

Midsommar –  A young woman reluctantly joins her boyfriend on a summer trip to a Swedish festival where things quickly go awry. Starring Florence Pugh, Will Poulter, and Jack Reynor.


JULY 12-14


Casting Access: ANI AVETYAN  –  (Los Angeles, CA) Ani Avetyan is a casting director who worked on HELLCATS and THE CLOSER in the past. Ani’s other casting credits include PRIMO, LEAVING BARSTOW, HOMECOMING, STALKERS, EMILY OWENS MD, HOLIDAY SPIN, SCHOOL AND BOARD, TRUST ME, TWENTY GOOD YEARS and BAD TEACHER.


LA Feedback Film Festival (FREE Special Event)  –  (Los Angeles, CA)  A showcase of the best of Short Films from around the world. All are multiple award-winning short films in the ACTION/HORROR/SCI-FI/THRILLER Genres. Check out the program page and to RSVP your tickets by emailing the festival on the program page, or simply emailing the festival at festival@lafeedbackfilmfestival.com and stating the # of tickets you require. You can come for FREE or make a donation on the night.


Crawl  –  A young woman, while attempting to save her father during a Category 5 hurricane, finds herself trapped in a flooding house and must fight for her life against alligators. Starring Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper, and Ross Anderson.

Stuber  –  A detective recruits his Uber driver into an unexpected night of adventure. Starring Karen Gillan, Dave Bautista, and Betty Gilpin.

The Art of Self-Defense  –  A man is attacked at random on the street. Enlists at a local dojo, led by a charismatic and mysterious Sensei, in an effort to learn how to defend himself.
Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Alessandro Nivola, and Imogen Poots.

Saving Zöe  –  It’s been a year since her older sister’s murder, and Echo is still far from being completely alright. Echo has been trying her hardest to be the strong one, while her mother takes too many antidepressants and her father works too much. Now, at the start of her freshman year of high school, Echo receives an unlikely gift from Zoe’s old boyfriend: her diary. Echo is hesitant to read it but can’t put it down after she gets caught up in Zoe’s secret life. Starring Laura Marano, Giorgia Whigham, and Vanessa Marano.

The Farewell  –  A Chinese family discovers their grandmother has only a short while left to live and decide to keep her in the dark, scheduling a wedding to gather before she dies. Starring Awkwafina, Tzi Ma, and Gil Perez-Abraham.

Super 30  –  Based on life of Patna-based mathematician Anand Kumar who runs the famed Super 30 program for IIT aspirants in Patna. Starring Hrithik Roshan, Mrunal Thakur, and Pankaj Tripathi.

Darlin’  –  A direct sequel to 2011’s ‘The Woman.’ Starring Pollyanna McIntosh, Nora-Jane Noone, and Cooper Andrews.


JULY 19-21


Keri Tombazian’s Beyond the Music (3-Day Voiceover Intensive Course)  –  (Los Angeles, CA) This is a 3-Day, 3-Class Voiceover Intensive Course that will focus on several key components that every voiceover performer needs to know. Keri’s Music of the English Language classes have been highly coveted classes at the VO Lab and her new 3-Day Intensive is bound to expand on those successes. This course is aimed at advanced performers and will emphasize the importance of the breath and body connection to voice, balancing surrender and control in recording sessions, properly reading the room and remembering the music of language. Whether voicing commercials, video games, narration, animation, audiobooks or even acting on-camera, this series will help you set words in motion and make you a more bookable performer.


Reading Fringe Festival  –  (Reading, England) The Reading Fringe Festival is an award-winning festival, started in 2013 by a marketeer, a producer and a writer. The Reading Fringe aims to support local emerging artists, provide an affordable platform for artists traveling up to the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe and to welcome exciting, vibrant acts to the town from all of the world. Since it was started, the Fringe has won the Pride of Reading Award for Cultural Contribution 2014, Festival of the Year at the inaugural Cultural Awards 2017 and was nominated for the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service 2015.

CineShots  –  (London, England) 6 short films, 6 filmmakers, Q&A’s, drinks and chit chats. CineShots is a south London initiative that aims to give up-and-coming London-based filmmakers a chance to screen their short films as well as provide a platform for them to network.

Outfest LGBTQ Film Festival  –  (Los Angeles, CA) Founded by UCLA students in 1982, Outfest is the leading organization that promotes LGBTQ equality by creating, sharing and protecting LGBTQ stories on the screen. Outfest builds community by connecting diverse populations to discover, discuss and celebrate stories of LGBTQ lives. Enjoy 11 days showcasing the best of LGBTQ stories from around the world. The Festival Hub will be at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres at Hollywood & Highland.


The Lion King  –  After the murder of his father, a young lion prince flees his kingdom only to learn the true meaning of responsibility and bravery. Starring Seth Rogen, Donald Glover, and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Above the Shadows  –  A young woman who has faded to the point of becoming invisible must find her way back with the help of the one man who can see her. Starring Megan Fox, Olivia Thirlby, and Alan Ritchson.


JULY 26-28


SIGGRAPH Animation Film Festival  –  (Los Angeles, CA) The Computer Animation Festival celebrates computer graphics as a medium for storytelling in animation, visual effects, games, and more. Since 1999, the Computer Animation Festival has been recognized as a qualifying festival by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and several works that were originally presented in this program have received Best Animated Short Academy Awards. Hundreds of short films are submitted to this prestigious program each year. An internationally recognized jury reviews and presents the best work of the year, with awards for Best in Show, Jury’s Choice, and Best Student Project.


Once Upon A Time in Hollywood –  A faded television actor and his stunt double strive to achieve fame and success in the film industry during the final years of Hollywood’s Golden Age in 1969 Los Angeles. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie.

Skin  –  A destitute young man, raised by racist skinheads and notorious among white supremacists, turns his back on hatred and violence to transform his life, with the help of a black activist and the woman he loves. Starring Jamie Bell, Danielle Macdonald, and Daniel Henshall.


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Don’t Let These Emmy Contenders Go Overlooked

Don’t Let These Emmy Contenders Go Overlooked

It all used to be so simple. There were three networks (OK, four once Fox joined on in the late eighties). There were maybe a few dozen legitimate contenders vying for Emmy attention. Voters could knock off their viewing in a weekend or two.

Suddenly HBO became a player. Then the rest of cable followed suit, and then the streamers Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. Now you’ve got close to 500 scripted shows in the Primetime Emmy mix. How things have changed.

Decisions, decisions.

Given the sheer tonnage of quality product competing for the attention of voting members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences this year, it’s inevitable that many worthy contenders in the performing categories will be overlooked.

With voting set to end next Monday (June 24), we here at Casting Networks are concerned that some deserving actors and actresses could slip through the Emmy cracks. So here are eight that merit your consideration:


CHRISTINA APPLEGATE – “Dead to Me,” Netflix (Lead Actress in a Comedy)

Because she portrayed such a bimbette so memorably in her first role on “Married … with Children,” Applegate doesn’t get nearly the attention she deserves for being such a terrific actress. That should start to change given her career-altering role in “Dead to Me,” which demonstrates both her impressive dramatic chops and comedic range as she portrays a grieving widow who takes up with the wrong crowd. It’s the best work she’s ever done. By far.


MICHAEL McKEAN – “Better Call Saul,” AMC (Supporting Actor in a Drama)

Long hailed as a comic genius in the Christopher Guest repertory and particularly for his work in “Spinal Tap,” McKean is nothing short of a revelation in “Better Call Saul,” the “Breaking Bad” spinoff in which McKean often gets lost between star Bob Odenkirk and castmate Jonathan Banks. As Odenkirk’s older brother Chuck McGill, McKean plays the complex character (confined to his home due to being tormented by electromagnetic hypersensitivity) with equal parts vanity, bitterness, and humanity


MOLLY SHANNON – “The Other Two,” Comedy Central (Supporting Actress in a Comedy)

Shannon has been underappreciated following her stint on “SNL” (1995-2001), which shockingly ended nearly two decades ago. Playing the mother to a YouTube sensation in “The Other Two,” Shannon’s character undergoes an emotional breakdown before becoming obsessed with the goal becoming a star herself. It’s both uproarious and harrowing at the same time.


STEPHAN JAMES – “Homecoming,” Amazon (Lead Actor in a Drama)

As the veteran Walter on the Amazon thriller, James—a 25-year-old Toronto native just starting to break stateside—has the daunting task going toe-to-toe with none than Julia Roberts in extraordinarily lengthy dramatic scenes. James proves himself more than up to the task. In fact, their exchanges are a thing of intense beauty, as memorable for what they express nonverbally as much as for through their dialogue.


NIECY NASH – “Claws,” TNT (Lead Actress in a Drama)

Nash portrays Desna, the owner of a South Florida nail salon, in this provocative and entertaining TNT hour. Desna’s emotive range is all over the map, yet she never loses her sense of authenticity, All that’s fake about her portrayal are her nails. The insane premise (salon owner finds herself tangled up with the Florida mob) makes for some tantalizing moments that charismatic Nash delivers in spades.


GERALD McRANEY – “Deadwood Movie,” HBO (Supporting Actor in a Movie/Miniseries/Special)

It’s easy to overlook McRaney in the “Deadwood: The Movie,” which premiered on HBO on May 31. One reason is that his character, the real-life miner and tycoon George Hearst, didn’t join the show until its final season 13 years ago. But McRaney—and Hearst—more than make their mark in the movie. He’s a villain you love to hate. But don’t look for any moustache twirling. Subtlety is the watchword here.


TITUSS BURGESS – “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” Netflix (Supporting Actor in a Comedy)

This one’s a bit of a cheat, because Burgess has been nominated in the Comedy Supporting Actor category for four years running. This year, however, is his last shot since “Kimmy Schmidt” is no longer on the air. And Burgess deserves to win that trophy as Titus Andromedon, Kimmy’s flamboyant, self-centered roommate, so much so that it would be a crime were he to be denied. Give it up, TV Academy.


MARISA TOMEI – “Live in Front of a Studio Audience,” ABC (Lead Actress in a Movie/Miniseries/Special)

The one thing that everyone agreed on in the wake of the one-night “All in the Family”/”Jeffersons” Norman Lear reboot on May 22 was that Oscar winner Tomei did a phenomenal job in her portrayal of Edith Bunker. She didn’t overdo her imitation of Jean Stapleton. Rather, she managed to capture the essence of Stapleton’s performance and, in so doing, delivered an homage that never crossed the line to parody.


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Elizabeth Banks First Female Filmmaker To Be Lauded With Pioneer Of The Year Award

Elizabeth Banks First Female Filmmaker To Be Lauded With Pioneer Of The Year Award

The Pioneer of the Year Award is given to a respected member of the motion picture community whose professional leadership, service, and commitment to philanthropy is exemplary.

The Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation announced today that actress, director, and producer Elizabeth Banks will receive the 2019 Pioneer of the Year Award on September 25, 2019, at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. Banks is the first female director to receive the honor.

Read More