Damian Bao Casting (Port Authority, Goldie, American Honey) has launched a talent search for two lead roles in the upcoming mystery/thriller feature film Abroad. Casting is seeking one male and one female Korean actor, between 20-35 years old. Both actors must be able to speak Korean fluently as well as be English speakers.

Determined to see the northern lights, a Korean couple from Seoul goes on vacation in northern Minnesota. MINJI disappears deep in the woods, and her boyfriend TAEMIN is arrested because he is unable to explain his innocence due to a lack of English skills. Eventually, with some luck, TAEMIN escapes jail and finds MINJI, but she is married to a local, speaks perfect English and claims to have never seen him in her life. Has MINJI been brain-washed? Is the whole town against TAEMIN? Are there supernatural forces at play? Or is TAEMIN really crazy and dangerous? Angry and frustrated, TAEMIN kidnaps MINJI in an attempt to return to their reality…

The deadline to submit is March 19, 2021, at 7 pm PST, so please submit as soon as possible as to not miss your chance! For more information and to submit, click here.


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