Auditions can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences for actors, no matter their level of experience. Acting coach Raquel Gardner has the perfect recipe to get you out of your head and into that role!

Raquel Gardner is a private acting/goal coach and mentor to a bevy of successful actors on screen today. Founded on her reputation for trust and commitment, in 2015 Gardner started The Actors Mark, a safe space for actors to build solid technique in their craft, and understand the business side of their career. Today, her actors are currently working on Netflix, Starz, FOX, NBC, HBO, Showtime and a long list of other outlets. Gardner brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about the industry, having been a commercial agent for three years, a working actor for the past 30 years, and coaching for the last seven years. She believes coaching is a calling to help the new generation of actors be the best they can be, bypass the pitfalls of the business, and get to the actual work faster. Her reputation speaks for itself, as her clients will attest to it!

The Actors Mark



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