Join casting director Nike Imoru as she offers her advice and strategies on how to land the role in your next audition!

Nike Imoru is a British-Nigerian casting director, producer, actor, and actor’s coach. After two decades as a professor of theatre, gender and African-American history in the United Kingdom and the United States, she began casting for film.

Imoru is best known for casting SyFy’s highest-rated show, “Z Nation,” whose ensemble was comprised of 90 percent local actors from the Pacific Northwest — all in regular, guest and co-starring roles. During her 14 years in casting, Imoru has also cast more than 20 feature films, all of which were shot in the Pacific Northwest.

Imoru is the president and co-founder of Rebel Kat Productions, a film finance company with a mission to produce projects that empower the voices of women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and persons with disabilities — both in front of and behind the camera. Rebel Kat’s debut movie, “All Those Small Things”, starring James Faulkner (“Downtown Abbey” and “Game of Thrones”), is currently in post-production.

Imoru is a member of the Casting Society of America and earned her doctorate from the University of Warwick.

Nike Imoru Casting



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