Casting director Brian Beegle breaks down the practice of telling the truth on camera, which in turn liberates actors from having to “memorize” lines!

Brian Beegle grew up in Atlanta, Ga. where he spent his childhood as an actor and competitive tennis player, and would go on to graduate from the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. After three years of the actor hustle in Los Angeles, Calif. where Beegle also managed for Rose Bowl Flea Market, he drove a $200 1984 BMW 318i home to Atlanta where he would book his biggest film, “We Are Marshall”, spending 42 days on set as starting running back Lucas Booth. Beegle also began singing in the cover band Xtra Medium and would play over 350 shows across the south — getting “paid to party.” In 2006 he was hired as an assistant at Stilwell Casting, one of the nation’s leading commercial casting directors. After studying for two years under Melissa McBride (Carol on “The Walking Dead”), Beegle took over the department and has lead the country in commercial casting for the past 10 years. After casting over 1,500 projects, he still feels joy in the mission of finding new actors every day. Beegle also loves teaching actors of all levels, focusing on getting them to tell the truth on camera, and to never “memorize” a line. In 2018 he founded Georgia Entertainment Sports League (GESL.club), a club for anyone in entertainment that wants to meet new people in the industry. Beegle began his directing career in 2018 when he wrote and directed six commercials for a gym in Atlanta. As an independent contractor, he is also available to cast TV/film, help with content creation, or direct just about anything. In 2020 Beegle proposed to his girlfriend live on Facebook during his late-night TV show, “Quarantime”, which he produced and hosted from his backyard. She said “yes.” He loves a challenge and is always up for anything fun.

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