Trump in Space – The Musical, was the winner of the 2017 Los Angeles Fringe Festival Encore Award. Trump in Space, which recently achieved “the second longest running show at Second City (Los Angeles),” is closing August 16th, but you can still catch it every Friday night at Second City, 8:00 PM sharp. So, this is it, folks. Why haven’t you seen it yet?

The creators say it’s “Star Trek” (definitely, costumes for sure) meets “Avenue Q” (they sing and it’s irreverent, so yes) meets “Star Wars” (sure! but how is that different than Star Trek? Don’t stop reading because I just wrote that….) meets Trump. Basically, it’s 400 years in the future, and the Earth is uninhabitable due to decisions made while Donald J. Trump was president. Natasha Trump (Gillian Bellinger), Trump’s great, great, great, great, great (etc.) granddaughter is the captain of the spaceship, United States of Commerce, racing to get to a new planet Polaris IV. The Starship California, under the leadership of Barak “Barry” Sanders (Scott Palmason) is hot on her trail to reach the planet first. There’s love, political jokes at the expense of both parties, lots of musical numbers and rolling office chairs. What’s not to love?

Let’s be clear, you can find some of the funniest performers in Los Angeles on the Second City stage. Jim Shipley, Jessie Sherman and Joy Regullano, all ensemble members, are some of the standouts. The set is minimal. The aforementioned rolling office chairs, due to the magic of theatre, become spaceship seats, and a curtain here and there are about it, set-wise. There’s a live keyboardist, which is fantastic and definitely adds to the ridiculous musical aspects of the show. The performers make all their own sound effects and there’s a heck of a lot of miming. Are you getting the picture? Trump in Space is a 60 minute, no intermission, fun, fly by the seat of your pants, hilarious, goofy night in Los Angeles, otherwise known as a typical night at Second City.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Frank Caeti, director, who keeps the ship (ha!) flying right. Writers Gillian Bellinger and Landon Kirksey should be given a standing ovation for finding a way to allow us to laugh without sad/angry tears about our current political situation. It truly is a light-hearted evening of silliness, which is likely a large part of the show’s success. Go bust a gut minus any vitriol with fellow audience members. We deserve it… and that is the magic of live theater at its best.


The Second City Hollywood Studio Theatre – 6560 Hollywood Blvd

Friday 8PM


Thru Aug. 16 (and must close!)




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