The trailer for the upcoming Kaley Cuoco-led HBO Max series The Flight Attendant recently dropped, and it’s already created a lot of buzz around the former star of The Big Bang Theory. It’s the first major live-action role for Cuoco since her run as Penny on Chuck Lorre’s popular CBS comedy series ended last year with its final episode. And after optioning the rights to the source material for The Flight Attendant, Chris Bohjalian’s novel of the same name, Cuoco’s credits on the upcoming HBO Max series also includes her role as one of the executive producers on the project. 

The eight-episode limited series focuses on Cassie (Cuoco), a flight attendant who wakes up after a one-night stand with a passenger named Alex (Michiel Huisman) to find him dead in his hotel bed. Working off of a hazy recollection of their boozy night before, Cassie becomes a part of the FBI investigation into his death as she tries to figure out what happened, herself. HBO Max labels the series a “dark comedic thriller,” which can be a tricky genre to navigate. But if the trailer is any indication, The Flight Attendant hits all the right notes. 

The teaser starts with Cassie stating, “I met Alex on the plane.” Her voiceover continues with recalling their dinner in Bangkok and going back to his hotel, all while we see scenes from their whirlwind romance and night of passion. “When I woke up in the morning, he was so alive,” Cassie ends her story, and we’re caught up in the trailer’s action to understand she’s been recounting the events to two FBI agents. The only problem is that the last flashback scene shown displayed Cassie discovering Alex’s dead body in the hotel room after awakening that fateful morning.

Cut to Alex’s ghost whispering in her ear, “You think they know you’re lying?” Based on the trailer alone, the upcoming thriller series has a lot of twists and turns along the way as we try to decipher for ourselves what really happened to Alex, the poor passenger in seat 3C. And we’re in good company as the show’s titular protagonist does the same, trying her best to piece together that night’s hazy memories and clear her name. “I’m a crazy, drunk flight attendant, not a killer,” Cassie asserts at one point.  

Considering the glowing reviews for its source material, The Flight Attendant series will likely keep viewers guessing until the very end. The Washington Post described Bohjalian’s novel as “a very rare thriller whose penultimate chapter made me think to myself, ‘I didn’t see that coming.’” And even though production on the upcoming on-screen adaptation was put on pause by the pandemic, it was able to resume this fall in time for a November 26 premiere date on HBO Max. At that time, fans can take in Cuoco as Cassie and Huisman as Alex, as well as performances from names like Zosia Mamet and Rosie Perez.

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